Got questions? We thought you might, so we answered some of the most common ones below

A perfect, healthy lawn should be kept at 6-7cm.  Longer grass stays cooler, stays thicker, thus keeping out invasive weeds and moss.  Plus there is nothing like walking on nice thick grass in your barefeet!

This depends on your intended result. Bark is purely ornamental and can look great, but its very poor at keeping weeds out unless weedmat is put down first and once leaves and debris land on it, it starts to look untidy.  Mulch not only shades soil, preserves moisture and suppresses weeds well.  It can be put on quite thick and will eventually break down providing great nourishment to the garden. 

This depends on the size of the space you have, what its intended purpose is ie) shade, screen, colour.  Do you want to attract birds, or is it purely ornamental?  So many questions! Best to give us a call and we can meet you on site and run you through the options

We are currently trialing a product called WeedEnz, which uses plant derived fatty acids to control weeds  We are having success with common weeds but repeated spraying is needed for tougher perennial weeds. Give us a shout and we can discuss other options with you

In most instances no, we can usually discuss your needs over the phone then one of our team will visit your property, take photos, then get back to you with our thoughts/recommendations, and finally a quote.   

Absolutely, in fact we work with some of the top agents in town already, so we have a good idea what kind of impact really tidy gardens can have on a first impression and eventual sale of your property.   

We sure do! They are our specialty! We can meet you on site and organize a maintenance schedule that suits your specific properties needs and can include as much or little, as you want to come up with a plan that suits your budget

Yes, we split garden waste up into general waste and green waste, and then charge by weight at prices that are set by the local Council